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Business Accounting Package -Prices Vary

Working on your business is just as important as working in

your business.  The business side of your operations is extremely

 important. Failure to understand the financial position of your

business can lead to business failure and/or unplanned tax liability. Accounting is an extremely important tool to help you

understand your business, increase your revenue, lower your

expenses and plan for your tax liability.



Let our partner, Five Star Tax & Business Solutions, create a

customized accounting package to help you have greater success..



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Business Accounting Package






Branding Package - $3,000.00

Are you questioning the brand in you? This package is perfect for

you! In this package have exclusive access to Jewel Tankard’s team of advisors to help you jump-start your business. Every businesswoman

needs a headshot and biography. Receive image consultation

(inclusive of hair, makeup, wardrobe direction) for your headshot.

A photographer will be located in your area.


The JT Team will compose a professional biography. Detailing your

work history and life experiences to attract the targeted clientele.

Create or makeover your website to embody the new brand

experience. Lastly, but most importantly is your media kit. Receive

a media kit using the latest technology. This tool will be your key to promote your business.


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branding package






Credit Restoration Package - $1,999.00

Do you have credit issues that you need a professional to help

you with? What if they could, not only help you with those issues,

but help you get your credit score to 720 within 30 days of you

providing all required items? Not only that, put you in a position to

get a 6 figure line of credit for your business goals?


Let our partner, Black Card Credit Club, Inc., help you get your

credit in order and help you get to the point where you can qualify

for the financing you need to get to your business and personal goals.


If you can’t pay in full, you can start today with $498 down and

$149/month for 12 months.

Registration will go live June 1st.


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Credit Restoration Package








Real Estate Package - $5,000.00

Are you looking to diversify your financial portfolio by investing in

Real Estate? This package is perfect for you! In this package have exclusive access to Jewel Tankard’s team of advisors to help you,

not only learn the ins and outs of real estate investing, but you will

be able to officially make your first purchase of real estate with a

team who will handle all of the intricate details for you.


The $5000 is a binder for services that also gives you access to the OPTIONAL 4-day intensive real estate course in Atlanta, GA, which includes class time, visitng potential properties, and participating in

a tax lien sale. At the conclusion of the class, if you choose to

attend, you are able to fund your account with $25,000 to $100,000

based on how aggressive you want to be.


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Real Estate Package






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